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Adapt to survive, evolve to prosper

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The “journey” of leaders implies the pursuit of more conscious ways of being, and of more sustainable ways of acting within one’s own role and working environment, especially in circumstances of corporate turnarounds or key career crossings.

To accomplish these goals, it is necessary to uncover the professional resources and personal energies required to meet the change.

Organisational well-being – promoted by the expanded personal and professional “wisdom” of leaders – hence becomes the fundamental asset for the long-term competitive success of the enterprise.

Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives must possess extraordinary management capabilities and astounding personal leadership to make enterprises prosper in today’s challenging environment.

Leaders – often running in “splendid solitude” – should be as much cautious in protecting their own balance from overloads of complexity and stress.

It is therefore necessary to prevent and remove all potential threats to individual serenity, as it is done with the menaces to corporate success.

The first task of a guide is to accompany and support leaders, executives and teams in observing their working role behaviours, in order to enhance the use of technical and personal skills, augment professional performances and positively influence ongoing or future strategies, decisions and activities.

Such a guidance aims to contribute to management development by ensuring adequate attention either to individual equilibrium and organisational well-being.

Recurring issues of consideration, learning and evolution are for instance: the taking on and exercise of authority, delegation and institutional representation; decision-making; problem-solving; innovation, together with many other emotional and rational “intelligences”.

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