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Adapt to survive, evolve to prosper

  • Where +

    In “safe” physical and emotional spaces, fit to promote learning; within “equipped trails”, respectful of everybody’s identity
  • How +

    With the impartial support and confidential guidance of the coach, through talks, case-histories, exercises, readings and other hints; within a series of periodical meetings (usually a dozen per semester); so more effective behaviours are experimented and developed
  • When +

    Especially in circumstances of corporate turnarounds and career crossings, coaching provides support in developing the professional skills and personal energies necessary to manage the new situation
  • Why +

    To prevent and to solve some typical “setbacks” of organisational life: waste of resources, energies, time and information, mistakes, duplications, but most important discontent, excess of stress and conflict, which hinder the achievement of results
  • For Whom +

    It is a resource for all those who feel they have to develop their own “internal authority” in order to progress
  • With Whom +

    With an “assistant to professional and personal development” possessing multiple disciplinary competencies, a loyal - although demanding - ally, guide and travel companion, so that to attain real and long-lasting learning
  • The Difference +

    Coaching distinguishes itself from psychotherapy for not being a “helping” or “healing” relationship. It differs from training for not “teaching” theories or giving instructions. It differentiates itself from consulting, for not providing “solutions” of managerial kind, nor aiming to replace the real holders of the organisational roles in their decision-making. It does not offer “manuals of instructions”, “user’s guides”, nor “right answers” for modelling one’s own behaviour upon that of others. Those using coaching want to “be themselves”, more often by subtracting wore-off elements rather than by adding new ones, especially if extraneous to one’s own true, unique and inimitable essence of individual
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